Sam Nickel toca los pechos de las mujeres 1.000

This twenty-minute video montage features a man dubbed “Sam Nickel” groping the breasts of 1000 Russian gals and giving Putin a manly handshake. As this thing goes viral, allow me to explain.

Russian comedian Sam Nickel, according to the following clip’s description, decided “to power up his hands by feeling 1.000 sets of breasts before he shakes hands with Vladimir Putin so he can pass on that energy to him.”

“Sam Nickel,” a.k.a. Sam Petushikel is a hardcore band frontman, internet personality and lead actor for the Russian comedy site My Duck’s Vision. In their newest clip, he “paws” Putin’s constituents’ feminine mounds and passes on their magical powers to the Prime Minister who wants to get re-elected as president… again. He could use a boob-boost.

He tells a Russian blog that “It was tough work” to create this epic grope-fest vid and only once did he get kicked in the roached 70-300 young women (and very young women) a day — with a 15-20% “consent” success ratenuts. He app.

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