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On 25 August 2012, Darrell R. Smith did an amazing feature. Transferring chi energy through 42 inches of cinder blocks breaking stone and cinder block on bottom.Soke.Darrell R.Smith doing dim-mak breaking through 42 inches of cinder blocks breaking the bottom two. One is 3 inch stone and one 51/2 cinder block. WORLD RECORD and first master that ever did this type of break!!!!

He did this at Waldorf, Maryland, USA.

Darrell says: This just got approve by US International Grandmasters World Council as a world record making his energy destroy two blocks still the only one in the world. USA international selected that break as the hardest break I did because the stone on the bottom and plus I destroy that type of cinderblocks which is most complicated break to do.

More information about Darrell:

This web site is one of Darrell’s grandmasters in iron palm and Chi Kung:

You can see the video here:



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