The person with most awards/recognitions received for community work in the world

Narine Dat Sookram (Born December 2nd, 1975), from Ontario, Canada. Has received the Official World Record for “Most Awards/Recognitions for Community Work”. His awards and recognitions are an amazing feat, and came from different kind of organizations. Most of all were for his social work, community work, or related to values of cultural work, music and environment. The first award was given on 10th November 2006, and until 20th January 2017, he received a total of 200 awards/recognitions.

Pictures of the the awards/recognitions:

Video Waterloo Award:

Waterloo Award Speech by Narine D. Sookram (Guyanese born)

Waterloo Award is the City of Waterloo’s highest civic honour. This prestigious award is presented each year to up to three exceptional individuals who have contributed signicantly to the quality of life in the community. Each honouree has received a unique artist-crafted Waterloo Award pin from Mayor Brenda Halloran. Their names have been added to a plaque that hangs in council chambers. Since this elite civic award was created in 1997, it has been presented to 36 outstanding community contributors.

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