Highest paper publications and achievements in the field of concrete technology by a woman at the young age of merely 31 years!

It’s not easy for a young woman to be a scientist. This is a world record full of effort. Official World Record is proud to recognize Dr. Luhar Salmabanu Ismailbhai (Born on August 17, 1986 in India), as the world’s woman personality with Highest paper publications and achievements in the field of concrete technology, at 31 years of age only, Dr Luhar, is a PhD from- Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur, INDIA in a male dominated STEM field of civil (structural) engineering within four years having a first class distinction career.

Her total research papers published or accepted till date are 25 at 31 years of age. They are: International Journals, 12; National Journal, 3; International conferences, 2; and National conferences,8. She also authored a book independently titled “Fly Ash and Slag Based Geopolymer Concrete: Experimental Facts” ISBN 978-3-659-92780-5 by a reputed European publisher.

Submission made to MNIT, Jaipur for Filing an Indian PATENT through parental institute MNIT and DST, Ministry of Science and Technology, both Government of India.

Awarded GOVERNMENT PROJECT worth INR 22.11 lacs from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India under “Women Scientist” scheme in 2015 as Principal Investigator.

Dr. Luhar Salmabanu said:

I am a talented, dynamic, passionate, courageous intellectual, enthusiastic, work-alcoholic and hardworking, simple natured young Indian woman researcher (scientist) born in an educated family. After my bachelor and Master’s degrees with first class distinction from a premium institute namely Nirma University (NAAC “A” grade), Gujarat, India, I joined Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and completed it within merely four years period from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, (Government of India), Jaipur, Rajasthan, India with 9.4/10 CGPA in course work.

I am bestowed with multifarious awards which recognize me as “the best-brightest-inspirational-talented woman researcher who demonstrated excellences in her discipline”. I am keen to carry out post doc researches more and more. I am thirsty for depth knowledge of my field and adore to research with utmost dedication. Recently, I am offered a post doctoral program in the field of my specialization from Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Mexico and Iran. My areas of expertise are to develop a variety of  novel Geopolymer composites – a sustainable, affordable, user and eco-friendly construction materials for infrastructures with almost nine time lesser emissions of  CO2– a primary green house gas, mitigating the dilemma of global warming.

My research interests focus on “Advances both in Geopolymer and Conventional Concrete Technology. Another book is under pipeline on an incorporation of modern wastes with concrete for the first time in the world and will publish in near future. I have briefed print media, i.e., DNA (English daily newspaper), Ahmedabad edition on the occasion of NUICONE conference held by Nirma University during 26 to 28 November,2015 regarding innovaive field of Geopolymer technology which is not only a viable replacement of  OPC cement as a binder for concrete but can also consume various wastes materials conserving natural restricted resources with a strategy of making the “best from the wastes”.

Moreover, saving of fertile land from land filling by wastes and relief to the lives from global warming with low carbon foot print preserving earth’s environments. Also, I explained why high energy and high temperature reactions are no more essential because the same purpose can be served with about 6 times less energy at room temperature!

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