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On Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 a group of 19-seniors from ages 72 to 101, sponsored by U.S. Veterans' Rowing & Kayaking Foundation, set a combined 30 world and American records!

There were 12-World and 18-American Concept 2 records that have been set.

Most Individual Indoor Rowing Records by a group in one day.

30 Records total or 12 World and 18 American indoor Concept 2 rowing records!

A group of senior athlete came together to achieve a historic individual indoor rowing record on Long Island, on November 3rd, 2018.

Ruth O. Schaufler Adaptive one arm. 4-min. 358 meters and 1-minute 104 meters. Over 50 (PR3 SA) HWT world record for both events.

Anita Chionchio. 1-min 134 meters and 100 meters 43.9 sec. HWT world and American for both events.

Joe Mor. 4-min 543 meters. HWT American.

Marie Drago. 1-hour 6494 meters LWT world and American.

Virginia A. Hartt 4-min 625 meters LWT American.

Robert Carlstrom 100 meters 37.7 sec HWT American.

Vivian Santacapita. 100 meters 55.1 sec LWT American.

Ellen Notaro 5000 meters; 1:07:38.8 LWT American.

Lucy Soto 30-min. 3340 meters LWT world and American.

Vivian Teller 30-min. 2620. HWT world and American.

Sylvia Grant 2000 meters 25:55.2 HWT world and American.

Cynthia Dorfman 5000 meters 46:27.2 HWT world and American.

Herbert N. Chavkin 4-min. 600 meters LWT world and American.

Gasper Accardi 1-min. 112 meters LWT world and American.

Elvia Castano 500-meters 3:51.5 HWT American.

Grace Furnari 4-min. 421 meters HWT American.

Esther Kosiner 4-min. 370 meters. LWT world and American.