World’s fastest painter

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On 10th December 2015, Parijoy Saha, made the World's fastest realistic painting in a 1/5th fraction of a second, the World's fastest abstract painting in a 1/5th fraction of a second and the World's fastest landscape painting in a 1/6th fraction of a second on 38cm x 32cm sized papers using bare hands. On, 12th July 2013 he demonstrated 11 novel methods of painting using bare hands with each method taking less than 30 seconds to complete a painting on 37 cm x 28cm sized papers. On 11th December 2011, he made 51 paintings in 35 minutes using bare hands on 37cm x 28cm sized papers. He used white glue, water colors and ivory papers for making all the above-mentioned paintings.

The Greatest Number of Snow Sculptures Made in One Place Outdoors on a Midsummer Day

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OWR certifies that on August 12, 2017, 600 staff members of the Crown-Haitai Confectionery and Foods (Yoon, Young-dal / Chairman of Crown-Haitai Confectionery) simultaneously [...]

IZAN KANTUZ! Most time continued singing in Euskera. Mayor período de tiempo seguido cantando en euskera

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Basque language: Izan kantuz. Official World Record-ek oso berezia den munduko errekorra berri bat ziurtatu du eta hau munduko hizkuntza zaharrenetariko bat erabili [...]

Indian Neelu Patel creates the world’s tallest pot with 5.950 paper sticks.

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Neelu Gunvantbhai Patel (Facebook), born October 1st 1973, from Ahmedabad, Gurajat, India, has achieved an Official World Record. The founder of NGO "MUKHOTE" [...]

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