Seven Marathons on Seven Continents and the North Pole. Via handcycle. First female.

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OWR certifies that from February 26th 2012 and April 9th 2017, Elizabeth Sanden from      San Clemente (California), USA. Has done an Official World [...]

The Greatest Number of Snow Sculptures Made in One Place Outdoors on a Midsummer Day

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OWR certifies that on August 12, 2017, 600 staff members of the Crown-Haitai Confectionery and Foods (Yoon, Young-dal / Chairman of Crown-Haitai Confectionery) simultaneously [...]

IZAN KANTUZ! Most time continued singing in Euskera. Mayor período de tiempo seguido cantando en euskera

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Basque language: Izan kantuz. Official World Record-ek oso berezia den munduko errekorra berri bat ziurtatu du eta hau munduko hizkuntza zaharrenetariko bat erabili [...]