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Longest human chain organized inside an European Union state.
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Date(s) - 11/09/2013
17:14 - 18:00



The “Via Catalana” circuit runs down Catalonia’s coastline, between La Jonquera and Alcanar. The route has been chosen in accordance with various criteria:

  • It is the backbone of the Catalan lands, following the ancient Roman Via Augusta. So the people of Valencia and Northern Catalonia (though it’ll be on a working day for them) will be able to extend the route through their territory. The Balearic Islands can perform parallel actions simultaneously.
  • The routes used are easily accessible to most people and are basically flat and linear, and therefore accessible to people with disabilities.
  • It reaches the bulk of the population, especially in areas where there are plenty of people who can still join and get involved in the process.
  • The mobility of vehicles travelling to or from Europe is guaranteed, so their daily routine is not interfered with.
  • It follows the route of clear examples of the lack of investment in infrastructure by Spain in Catalonia, such as the N-340 and the N-2 roads, and the Mediterranean railway line.


  1. 9-11-2013

    Good for the Catalans, I hope that you get what you want

    • 9-21-2013

      Thanks for your support!!

  2. 10-1-2013

    Thanks to everybody who give his support to catalan’s people

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