Different Eye Colur of My Brother & Me by Birth


Record description – We are AMIT & PAVAN AGRAWAL, informing you that we both brothers are blessed persons that as the colours of both of our eye are different . My Big Brother’s name is AMIT AGRAWAL,the colour of my Brother Right eye is BROWN & the colour of Left eye is BLUE & My EYE REVERSED Right eye BLUE & Left eye is BROWN. WE both are living in joint family & that are with 20 members together . In the family no one have Blue or Brown eye.


Pavan 1 pavan 2

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  1. Amrita 25/10/2013 at 08:17 - Reply

    Just a matter of curiosity: I have heard that blue eyes coming out of nothing can be related to Waardenburg Syndrome, where people get deafness and some pigmentation anomalies. About 1 in 30 students in any given school for the deaf have Waardenburg syndrome. All races and both sexes are affected equally. Could it be your case? All the best! Amrita

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