Mireia Belmonte Sí Rompio El Segundo Récord Mundial de la Natación (400 Mujeres, 800 Libre)

Mireia Belmonte Garcia broke her second world record in the 400-meter freestyle a day after becoming the first woman to break 8 minutes in the 800 freestyle.  She won the 400 in 3:54.82 breaking the previous record of 3:54.85.

At the FINA 2013 World Cup meet in Berlin, Germany where Camille Muffat’s world record from the Chartres Europeans in November 2012 was 3:54.85

A day after becoming the first female to ever break 8:00 in the women’s 800-meter freestyle with her amazing world-record performance, Spain’s Mireia Belmonte Garcia did it again in the 400-meter freestyle.

Trailing both the world-record pace and New Zealand’s Lauren Boyle with 50 meters to go, Belmonte Garcia went berserk in the final sprint to the way with a sizzling 28.71 split to win the finale in 3:54.82 and clip Camille Muffat’s world record of 3:54.85 from last November. It also edged Muffat’s circuit record of 3:54.93 from here in Berlin a year ago.

Camille Muffat
26.84, 56.24 (29.40), 1:25.91 (29.67), 1:55.95 (30.04), 2:25.94 (29.99), 2:56.01 (30.07), 3:25.72 (29.71), 3:54.85 (29.13)
Mireia Belmonte Garcia
27.82, 57.34 (29.52), 1:27.15 (29.81), 1:57.06 (29.91), 2:26.69 (29.63), 2:56.46 (29.77), 3:25.81 (29.35), 3:54.52 (28.71)
Women’s 400 free 11 AUG 2013
Belmonte Garcia has been on fire the past few weeks after setting several Spanish long course records at the FINA World Championships in Barcelona. She transitioned that success quite well to the short course World Cup with her second world record of the meet. That’s the 10th world record of the circuit so far, adding $100,000 in winnings with FINA eliminating the world-record bonus cap.

Boyle, meanwhile, threw down a swift time of 3:55.31 after becoming the first swimmer ever to break 4:00 in prelims with a 3:59.84 this morning. Spain’s Melanie Costa Schmid checked in third with a 3:58.31.

Denmark’s Lotte Friis (4:00.91), Sarah Koehler (4:03.14), Leonie Beck (4:03.22), Australia’s Jessica Ashwood (4:03.61), and The Netherlands’ Rieneke Terink (4:07.82) also swam in the historic finale.

Women’s 800 free  10 AUG 2013 ­ 

FINA 2013 World Cup leg in Berlin, Germany,  Mireia Belmonte broke the women’s 800 meter freestyle World record, clocking 7:59.34 to become the first woman ever under 8 minutes in the 800 free. Old record was Camille Muffat’s 8:01.06 from November 2012. See the result list here.



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