World’s Largest Pumpkin. Mathias Willemijns, Belgium.

Fall is a special season, abundance of mushrooms, pumpkins, chesnuts… in the harvest season. And a lot of contests are hold around the world.

In Ludwigsburg, (Germany) took place the European Championship of Giant Pumpkins, and the world record was broken by a specimen from Belgium. The pumpkin, weighed 1.190,5 kg (2,623 pounds) and was grown by Mathias Willemijns.

In North America, last year a pumpkin weighing 2,145 pounds broke the record in this territories, and was grown by Gene McMullen.

According to the specialists, the secret to grow this giant pumpkins is genetics in first place, and also patience and care. You need good sun, warmth, fertilizer and water. The second heaviest pumpkin registered was grown by Beni Meier from Switzerland and was a 2,323 pounds specimen.

Here you can see the history of the heaviest pumpkins world records.



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