World’s 1st ever 3D printed Satellite

SPACE KIDZ INDIA’s KALAM SAT (World’s Lightest and 1st ever 3D printed Satellite) Has been Launched by NASA – WALLOPS – VIRGINIA 22nd June 201715:00-16:00 Hrs IST.


Space Kidz India, is an Organization creating International experiential learning for students in the field of Science, Technology, Art and Culture.

“SKI – NSLV- KALAM.1”  1st time in India, a Private organization Space Kidz India, had launched a “Near Space Vehicle “, to read the Air Quality, Altitude, Gases around near Space etc. “SKI – NSLV – KALAM.1” was recognized by Official World Record, and other organizations.

A tribute to the Great Scientist S. APJ Abdul Kalam KALAM Sat – a Femto Category Satellite World’s Lightest and 1st ever fully 3D printed Satellite Competition organized by IDOODLE LEARNING INC and COLORADO SPACE GRAND CONSORTIUM in partnership with NASA.

About KALAM Sat:  It is a 3.8 cm Cube Satellite (Femto category), weighing 64 grams (including the plastic cube provided by CiS) It’s structure is fully 3D printed with reinforced carbon fiber polymer in which we will be using complex carbon fiber and ABS built with fusion deposition modeling 3D printer. A temperature and humidity sensor, a barometric pressure sensor, which are all connected to an OBC using I2C interface. It also will contain a “Nano Geiger Muller counter”, which will measure the radiation in outer space.

Kalam Sat, is named after former president and Rocket Scientist of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. This is to encourage the student community into space research and explore more avenues in an economical manner.

World’s Lightest and 1st ever 3D printed Satellite built by team Space Kidz India Dr.Srimathy Kesan – Mission Director Mr.Rifath Sharook – Lead Scientist Mr.Yagna Sai – Lead Technician Mr.Vinay Bharadwaj – Design Engineer Mr.Tanishq Dwivedi – Flight Engineer Mr.Gobinath – Biologist Mr.Mohammed Abdul Kashif –Lead Engineer    Had won a spot to fly in the NASA Rocket SR4. 1st ever time, an Indian design chosen to fly. Launch Date: 22nd June 2017

Launch Time:  15:00 Hrs IST   05:30 Hrs EDT

World’s Lightest Satellite Weighing Merely 64 gms Designed By An Indian Teen!!

“Kalamsat” | To Be Launched By NASA – Student Stories


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World’s Lightest Satellite Weighing Merely 64 gms Designed By An Indian Teen!! “Kalamsat” | To Be Launched By NASA – Student Stories





The World Recognizes Kalam Sat



NASA – LAUNCH Video.mp4


Please find the details of the Smallest Satellite – Kalam Sat- a Femto category Satellite – document, pictures and link

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