Fastest time to complete 4 flatground body varials on a motorcycle

OWR certifies that Bryan Jackson, (Texas, USA), born on January 6, 1962, has set a new Official World Record for:

Fastest time to complete 4 flatground body varials on a motorcycle.

On February 16th, 2018, Bryan Jackson, Founder of Vertical Adrenaline Motocross Ministries, used a 1999 ATK 250cc dirt bike and took off and turned around backwards and back around forwards (*body varials) while riding, 4 times in 39 seconds.

*A flatground body varial is defined as a motorcycle trick where the rider turns on the seat of the motorcycle and rotates their body and legs 180 degrees while the motorcycle is still moving to face the opposite direction then repeating this process to then face forward, etc.

The record was performed at the Ford Truck Arena, 4145 East 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 74114. USA.


Bryan started practicing stunts in 1972 and performed his first exhibition in 1981. To date he continues to contend for multiple new world records and incorporates those into his shows across North America. Bryan is a former World VET MX/SX Champion and a World VET AX Champion and recently published a documentary showcasing his celebration tour, named Ultimate Adrenaline.

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