Most Individual Indoor Rowing Records by a group in one day.

On Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 a group of 19-seniors from ages 72 to 101, sponsored by U.S. Veterans’ Rowing & Kayaking Foundation, set a combined 30 world and American records!

There were 12-World and 18-American Concept 2 records that have been set.

OWR certifies that a group of members of U.S Veterans’ Rowing & Kayaking Foundation, trained and coached by Paul-Stephen Varszegi,(New York, USA), has set a new Official World Record for: 

Most Individual Indoor Rowing Records by a group in one day. 

30 Records total or 12 World and 18 American indoor Concept 2 rowing  records! 

A group of senior athlete came together to achieve a historic individual indoor rowing record on Long Island, on November 3rd, 2018.

Ruth O. Schaufler Adaptive one arm. 4-min. 358 meters and 1-minute 104 meters. Over 50 (PR3 SA) HWT world record for both events.

Anita Chionchio. 1-min 134 meters and 100 meters 43.9 sec. HWT world and American for both events.

Joe Mor. 4-min 543 meters. HWT American.

Marie Drago. 1-hour 6494 meters LWT world and American.

Virginia A. Hartt 4-min 625 meters LWT American.

Robert Carlstrom 100 meters 37.7 sec HWT American.

Barbara Millward 100 meters 36 sec LWT American.

Vivian Santacapita. 100 meters 55.1 sec LWT American.

Ellen Notaro 5000 meters; 1:07:38.8 LWT American.

Lucy Soto 30-min. 3340 meters LWT world and American.

Vivian Teller 30-min. 2620. HWT world and American.

Sylvia Grant 2000 meters 25:55.2 HWT world and American.

Cynthia Dorfman 5000 meters 46:27.2 HWT world and American.

Herbert N. Chavkin 4-min. 600 meters LWT world and American.

Gasper Accardi 1-min. 112 meters LWT world and American.

Elvia Castano 500-meters 3:51.5 HWT American.

Grace Furnari 4-min. 421 meters HWT American.

Esther Kosiner 4-min. 370 meters. LWT world and American.

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