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world record india

Mani P.M. Vellarada, an acclaimed author from Kerala, India, has achieved a momentous feat by obtaining certification from the Official World Records (OWR) for his groundbreaking trilogy titled “VEECHIKA: A Landmark Trilogy Unveiling Extraordinary Dimensions.” This awe-inspiring series takes readers on a captivating journey through a world of miracles and extraordinary dimensions. The trilogy comprises four volumes, each brimming with wondrous events, fantasy, mystery, and innovative inventions that unfold in the distant GUMZIBOM galaxy, located a staggering 48,000 crore kilometers away from our Earth. Mani P.M. Vellarada’s unparalleled creativity and vision have garnered immense recognition, and his exceptional work has earned him the esteemed title of setting a new Official World Record. The Triumph of VEECHIKA Within the pages of VEECHIKA, readers are transported to a realm of endless possibilities and wonder. Volume I was launched with great fanfare, attended by distinguished guests like Adv. Prem Doss Swamy Doss Yahudi,…

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