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Official World Record (OWR) is an organization dedicated to certify world records and to publish them in the OWR official list. This list is published annually with all the events, and at the time of preparation and when it’s verified the records are published in the OWR official web page. From OWR is guaranteed a rigorous procedure that goes from the beginning to the end of the event in order to verify and legalize the record, therefore it can be published in our annual listing as well as in the world records website.

Official World Record is the only world records organization recognized by the Council of the Notariats of the European Union (Notaries of Europe), and approved in the Commonwealth and the United States of America, for which we are distinguished.  (take a look at the bottom of the webpage). Ensuring a rigorous procedure followed by OWR from beginning to end of the process of achieving the world record to verify and authenticate this record. This makes our company unique and leaders in world record registers, offering the maximum guarantee as possible. Making our registered world records exclusive and with a special verification, and this allows to expand with a unique prestige your world record.


The Council of the Notariats of the European Union certifies our listings and world records organization as one of the most worth, rigorous procedure of listing inscription and as well as more controlled in the world, being able to say doubtlessly that the OWR organization will have the maximum guarantee, certification significance and possible worldwide validation at present.

OWR is an organization not linked to any multinational business, so no interest can be attributed to, neither partisan influence nor political, social orientation or economic, leaving all these orientations and neutral positions from OWR on hands of the event organizers. By doing so, it tries to obtain a greater repercussion of the event organizers by what their character can be.

OWR will never accept any event that cannot be in accord of illegality either on local or international laws of the moment and will have a special observation in the respect of the fundamental human rights and animals rights, whatever their territorial environment and legality of the moment of the country are.

NUMBER: 013986054


Notary files, spanish.


 Notary, english translation:



Plaça Major, 14, 1st

TEL. 93 881 43 90/93 881 45 90

FAX 93 883 30 17

08500 Vic (Barcelona)





Vic, my residence, this tenth day of November two thousand and fifteen. Before me, ANTONIO DE JUAN ORTIZ, Notary of the illustrious Catalan Association, appears Mrs. SANDRA LOPEZ MAYANDÍA, of legal age, married, businesswoman, who lives in 08512 Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, Mallol street, number 13, and with DNI . number 46,961,220-G.


PARTICIPATES: in his own name and right. I identify her with the reviewed documentation that shows her photograph and signature. I judge the capacity and necessary legal interest to grant this act, and to that end


Previously I gave her the legal warnings concerned.

FIRST:  To me, the authorizing Notary, to write in the affidavit the statements in front of me, STATES:

“1. That the organization OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD (OWR) is dedicated to certify all world records with a scope that spans the globe. Once certified, records are published in the official list. This list has an annual publication of all events conducted, certified and verified. At the time of the proposal, and when it’s achieved, the records are immediately published on the official website of the organization: www.officialworldrecord.com.

OWR follows a rigorous procedure from beginning to end of the process of achieving the record to verify and authenticate this record, this is guaranteed. Once validated the record is published in the annual list of world records through the indicated website.

The procedure followed by OWR to certify a world record has been analyzed to the smallest detail: First, an analysis of the proposal is made. The search for any previous data and records is completed. And if the proposal is feasible, moves to the  Acceptance Committee.

  1. The Acceptance Commitee, composed by people from different departments and sections of OWR, meets to accept or reject the proposal that has been transferred. And if accepted, orders a series of checks, appropriate in each case. That is required in order to validate the record.
  2. The Committee selects an OWR judge to verify the world record, which proceeds to develop the necessary checks to validate the world record.
  3. Finally, all the documentation, once validated, is archived and the final certificate of the record is signed. The record is advertised by electronic means, OWR website, and social media. This rigorous method distinguishes us and certifies the correct validation of our record list, as one of the World Record organizations with the most valid methods of registration. The method is strictly controlled and all the procedures, guarantee the maximum seriousness worldwide. So without doubt, we can conclude that the organization OWR, has the maximum guarantee, control and accuracy in world record registering worldwide at the moment.

SECOND: OWR is an organization not linked to any multinational company or any organization of political, religious, economic or social orientation, so you can not attribute any interest or ideological influence. OWR Central Committee has absolute freedom. And also the event organizers of the world records, are absolutely free in the ideological part. OWR has a neutral position, and this is better to give the event a greater impact, whatever its nature, worldwide.

THIRD: OWR will never accept an event that may involve laws violation, and discrimination for any kind of thing. That is for national laws and for international laws worldwide. OWR will have a special care with human rights internationally proclaimed, in any country where the event takes place.

FOURTH: The central office and the headquarters of OWR are located at Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà and Vic, (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, European Union).

Legal registration: OWR IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARKNUMBER: 013986054https://oami.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/013986054

Organization structure:

Department of judges (verification).

Department of website and social media.

Department of Marketing.


Department of control and monitoring of records.

Acceptance Committee.

SIXTH: Also required me, the Notary, access the website www.officialworldrecord.com and give faith that all the contents, getting screenshots of it.

ACCEPTANCE OF REQUIREMENT. I accept the requirement, that conforms to the law, and it’s completed and I’ll complete with the necessary legal proceedings.


Says so, freely consenting to this bestowal that fits legality. Will duly informed, upon reading his choice, as is, is ratified and signed.


Pursuant to that established in the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data I inform the appearing party to enter personal data in a file on my notary computer, as data needed for compliance notarial functions. Is also informed of the obligation, incumbent upon me as Notary remission rates under the terms regulated by law and notarial tax case. The appearing party takes cognizance and whatever necessary given your unequivocal consent. And everything contained in this public document, issued in three sheets of stamped paper exclusively for notarial documents, the present and the two correlative in numerical order, I, the Notary, I attest


At eleven hours and forty minutes of the day 10 November of two thousand and fifteen, I check internet with the requesting lady, through a computer in the notary and at her request I access the web page https://oami.europa.eu after opening the website, I search through the option “Protect your intellectual property in the European Union” to the “website.content” tab and a window opens with different applications, is selected “eSearch plus Trade marks, designs, owners, representatives and bulletins”  once applied its function through the tab “Search “we enter the name” official world record “and opens a screen that asks us to search. We introduce as a petition of the requesting lady the following data: ” 013986054 “and opens a window. I print two images of the screen to see the whole page, in letterheads as a request of the requesting lady.

This impression is transferred on a sheet of letterhead exclusively for notarial documents, number CM7834380. Then, we open the webpage www.officialworldrecord.com and print the content of it in a sheet of letterhead exclusively for notarial documents, COPY IS SIMPLE CM7834380 number is printed. With all this done, I end this diligence, and then drafted to supplement the Act in this sheet of stamped paper for exclusive notarial use. And for his content , I, the notary, I attest


= signed, stamped, initialed and signed, the authorizing Notary =

There are the signatures of those appearing. Marked, signed and initialed:


It is the seal of the notary.