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-The election to choose OWR can be by many and various reasons, apart from the prestige of being in our record listing, but the reasons to choose OWR are also important, which are the following ones:

-The OWR seriousness will make your record validity be indisputable everywhere in the world, as it will be guaranteed by OWR

– The OWR website that highlights for being very dynamic, is daily visited and is where the record will be released with the possibility of being displayed in different departments into the same website, regardless the record itself

-The rapidity of contact and fluency with our organization that will be constantly, with the maximum contribution, implication for the good operation and execution of your event.

– The fact of being able to have our logos and other elements in order to ease your event diffusion, it will give greater importance and worldwide personality to your event.

From OWR, it will be an advertising campaign through the social nets such as Facebook or Twitter as well as our website in which our calendar will report the events on a day before the act

-From OWR, months in advance there will be the possibility to sell event tickets through our website

-The organization puts at your disposition different possibilities to contribute with us in order to obtain a world record, which goes from the inscription to the record certification already planned and prepared by the organizer of the event, even with the contribution of our organization so that investigates, proposes and prepares an event to obtain a record for those who have contacted us. It also easily enables the organizations, businesses and agencies of all types the power of advertising campaigns or marketing campaigns for businesses to have a greater social impact of the campaign being carried out (OWR is an organization linked to any multinational business for which does not have no partisan interest determined)


Sponsorship Department

OWR has a department to assist and collaborate with the event organizers, we help to seek sponsors in order to finance records and facilitate as far as possible all the stuff to organizers, so the events can be carried out successfully.

We have different tools to sponsor and to adjust to the needs of those who want to organize an event of this nature.

A) Make diplomas certificates of participation to individuals who participate in an event. These certificates can be customized or generic.

B) Merchandise based on common items such as shirts, caps, etc. That make propaganda for the event and can provide good amounts to fund the event.

C) Companies, institutions or organizations that sponsor the event.

Regarding sponsorship, we usually work with three types of sponsors in such events:

First category: The corporate logo will appear on our website, on the homepage, and all the posts that concern the record as the main
sponsor, in a central place. And also in the world record diploma certificate. The logo will appear in our social media too, and in the participants certificate diploma. May also appear on your website and elsewhere. Such as banners, roll-ups, and physically place the image on the event location. Or even in previous press conference of the event, etc.

Second category: The corporate logo will appear on our website on all posts that concern about your record (preferred but not main sponsor).
Will also appear in the diploma certificate world record (not in the participants certificate diploma).

3rd category: The corporate logo will appear on our website on all posts that concern about your record. (Preferred but not main sponsor).

The price will be negotiated between you and potential sponsors. OWR will receive 50% of this price. (With a minimum fee).

It can also be offered to sponsors to appear in the organizer websites regarding their record, their own social media and present
physically the day of the event in the event location, and on the previous press conferences, with roll ups and such elements in visible places.