Indrajeet Dable (India), has achieved this spectacular and hypnotizing record ( 392 spins with 2 nunchuks […]
History of the national environment protection police unit UPMA Historical review: The unit for the protection […]
Philippe Richet (France) is the person who has done a “plogging” ultra-endurance event reaching the highest […]
Philippe Richet (France) set the record for traveling the longest distance practicing the innovative practice of […]
On June 25, Italian cycling led by Cristian Nardecchia once again wrote one of its golden […]
June 17, 2022 will remain in the history of the world as the first world record in which the real world and the virtual world have joined hands. Shortly after its launch, XCLUSIVERSE, the first global metaverse platform integrated with e-commerce, launched a challenge in Romania at the BRAND MINDS event, on June 17.
Joel Matos Ortiz, the Puerto Rican ultra-swimmer, completed 203,200 meters (126 miles), during seven (7) days, […]
On march, 26, Official World Record judge, David V moved from Europe to Seoul, Korea to […]
New Egyptian Museum is without a doubt the largest archaeological museum in the world. Its construction […]
The largest wave ever taken with a kitesurf, which can be duly accredited, was surfed by […]