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Your record, our passion.

OWR a new tool for event profs and marketing profs.

Advertising benefits by working with world records:

Publicity through news increasing efectivity.
Territorial implantation, for a time lapse, or continuously of a trend/ trademark.
Press releases by OWR if it’s necessary.

Gaining a recognition, certificate of the world record for the trend/ trademark / client.

The agency can get most loyal clients and getting new ones, on the basis of participation, games or rivalry between clients, etc.

Also it can be a good way to catch new clients in guilds, associations, etc.
Each one with a determined profile, to maximize your partners or products.
Territorial expansion of the publicity agency.

Final event: The agency can take advantage of the organization of a final act, maybe about the world record distinctions. With this final act, also the agency gets an extra work with the economic and image benefits that this means.

You can relate the consecution of the new record with a celebration event, and also you can donate part of the money to a NGO or a peaceful organization. Getting more social repercussion and free marketing, and above all putting in touch a determined trade mark with a determined values or causes.

It’s a ludic activity with many people taking part on it. That makes the trademark more known and important, and the agency that has made it possible. New relationships between the trademark and the people are made. And the people get more affinity with the trademark.

The record can be the argument for starting a new publicity campaign, basing it on the record made. And with the difference between the other trademarks. You can use the images of the world record to make the campaign. This is also able for the advertising campaign as usual, videos, radio spots, etc.

The publicity agency can take advantage of a world record to seduce new clients on the public administration. Offering a campaing thinking about how to promote a territory, habits, values for the people, or for turistic issues.

Launch or release of products

When it’s about creating new expectations for a product (new or with a new comercial campaign) and we want that the people talk about the product, or attract the consumers with a new release, OWR offers a great and new solution.

We can help enterprises all over the world to launch or release their products, announce new arrivals, and make the consumers stay alert for the new “stuff”.

As a world well known organisation in the registers, you can trust OWR to find the best solution without old techniques for your company needs.

Our creative team has joined with enterprises and organizations all over the world. Together we can make new proposals to get world records that launch every product. The goal to achieve the record, has made that the benefits of the product have been seen, the trademark messages have been supported, and the values of the enterprise are along the process.

You have to mark clear objectives to achieve with the campaign, method and characteristics of the campaign, and the characteristics of the world record. The company can do this with more or less implication of OWR, but a minimum complicity between the two parts is fundamental to achieve success. OWR offers his team to organise the whole event if the company wants to.

Some kind of records according to company products:

A single record for one time.

You can make a single record for one time. This option is when you want to make a campaign for a single time, and with a single record. In the hypothetical case that someone beats the record, you’ll receive new publicity, because the news can talk about the new and the beaten records. But in many cases the campaign is short, because you have to take advantage of the unique event and it’s punctual repercussion.

Mostly interests to companies that want to launch a product with a lot of initial repercussion in one or different concrete territories. The target are the clients with a determined orientation or values. Or relating the product with a determined subject.
Record contest.

It’s all about that the same company, or different companies goes on with breaking the records every year or with a accorded periodicity (seeking the good days on the calendar for a good repercussion). This can make the publicity campaign last for more time, for the records and for the participants in the record’s events. Also you can change the places, involving different territories. You can also organize a final act giving the diplomas to the participants, or some kind of celebration party.

It’s a campaign for companies interested in being related with values for a territory, and being recognized with a long term of time. Getting a loyalty with the values that wants to transmit and wants to be associated with.

Trademarks records league (enterprises).

It’s about that different enterprises, companies, products, etc make a deal to compete for different world records with a defined time for it. Beating one another constantly and competing between them.

This league, creates a focus for the clients and consumers, and makes that the repercussion of the records and the publicity runs all along the duration of the league, and for the territories that take part on it. You can also make a final act giving the diplomas or a celebration party.


OWR studies the economic conditions for every single client depending on the concrete case and the needs.

OWR can do the world record registers with the official judges, or also organise the whole event, that depends on the company needs.

The world records, to be registered, need some standards and serious verification, and have a price that depends on many details.