First Another World Miracle Novel VEECHIKA: A Landmark Trilogy Unveiling Extraordinary Dimensions

First Another World Miracle Novel VEECHIKA: A Landmark Trilogy Unveiling Extraordinary Dimensions

Mani P.M. Vellarada, an acclaimed author from Kerala, India, has achieved a momentous feat by obtaining certification from the Official World Records (OWR) for his groundbreaking trilogy titled “VEECHIKA: A Landmark Trilogy Unveiling Extraordinary Dimensions.” This awe-inspiring series takes readers on a captivating journey through a world of miracles and extraordinary dimensions. The trilogy comprises four volumes, each brimming with wondrous events, fantasy, mystery, and innovative inventions that unfold in the distant GUMZIBOM galaxy, located a staggering 48,000 crore kilometers away from our Earth. Mani P.M. Vellarada’s unparalleled creativity and vision have garnered immense recognition, and his exceptional work has earned him the esteemed title of setting a new Official World Record.

The Triumph of VEECHIKA

Within the pages of VEECHIKA, readers are transported to a realm of endless possibilities and wonder. Volume I was launched with great fanfare, attended by distinguished guests like Adv. Prem Doss Swamy Doss Yahudi, and received by the esteemed Prof. Ayilam Unnikrishnan. As the journey continued, Volume II was presented by none other than Prof. and Dr. George Onakkoor, a renowned figure in the literary world, and accepted with admiration by Ansajitha Russel, President of the Trivandrum district panchayat. The trilogy’s concluding chapter, Volume III, was unveiled by V D Satheesan, and its magnificence was gratefully received by Ansajitha Russel in the presence of the visionary author himself. With each volume, the saga of VEECHIKA not only captivated the minds of readers but also garnered widespread acclaim from experts and luminaries.

The Impact and Official World Record Recognition):

VEECHIKA stands as a testament to Mani P.M. Vellarada’s unrivaled literary prowess and limitless imagination. The trilogy has left an indelible mark on the literary world, attracting readers from various corners of the globe who seek to delve into the wonders of an extraordinary universe. Through its pages, the author masterfully unfolds a tapestry of astonishing events and unexplored dimensions, immersing readers in a realm beyond their wildest dreams. OWR’s recognition of VEECHIKA as a new Official World Record is a testament to the author’s dedication, passion, and exceptional storytelling ability. With its four volumes, VEECHIKA has firmly etched itself into the annals of literary history, leaving a lasting legacy that will inspire generations to come. Mani P.M. Vellarada’s achievement is not only a personal triumph but also a remarkable contribution to the world of literature, solidifying his place as a luminary among modern-day writers.

Author Mani P.M. Vellarada’s VEECHIKA trilogy stands as an extraordinary literary masterpiece, pushing the boundaries of imagination and innovation. Its fantastical events, mysterious encounters, and astonishing inventions have rightfully earned it the prestigious Official World Record certification. With VEECHIKA, readers embark on an unforgettable journey through a universe of miracles, proving that the power of storytelling knows no bounds. Mani P.M. Vellarada’s achievement is a testament to the magic that words can wield, forever inspiring fellow writers and captivating the hearts of readers worldwide.

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