With us you can.

Once the first informing e-mail is sent to our organization, there will be an answer in a maximum time limit of 48 hours, reporting the acceptance or not of the act, the rates of payment at the current time and more details of the ephemerid if needed. We will inform about the steps to follow, and the beginning of our contribution and monitoring, which will always be personalized in all the cases and record. Once you have over gone these steps, OWR will provide the logos and OWR material in order to begin the maximum disclosure and publicity of your act in the ambit of interest, showing that you have all our support and contribution, which will be guaranteed by our certificate provided on-line. It will show and guarantee wherever you want the attempt be followed and certified by OWR if at the end it happens, all will already be legal and registered in our list of world record. Finally, the framed high quality official certificate will be issued, along with several copies, so that you can have at your disposition the official written evidence of the march of the event.