Daily Archives: August 4, 2023

The Federation of Emerging Technologies and Binance joined together to host the renowned “Bizza Day”event in a nook of Bucharest, rewriting history. This spectacular event was no ordinary celebration; it was a brave attempt to establish a new world record!Bizza Day paid respect to a daring story from thirteen years ago, a day that will live on in the hearts of crypto fans. On that fateful day, a foresighted Bitcoin fan chose to exchange an apparently insignificant number of Bitcoins for two humble but adored treats – huge pizzas! The world had no idea that this seemingly insignificant transaction would one day become a symbol of real-life Bitcoin adoption.As the clock struck noon, the excitement was palpable. The crypto community united, and orders poured in. Binance Pay, the payment platform, played a crucial role in facilitating smooth transactions. The origins of Pizza Day may be traced back to May 22,…

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