The first book of world records that sets

By purchasing this book, you are doing your part and know that you have a new world record on your hands. This book has been designed to be the book of world records, since it is the most translated book in different languages ​​​​in the world and most of them being the first time they are published in 330 Languages ​​and all that achieving it only in the first edition for the first time in history and covering 100% of the countries of the world.

This shows the ingenuity, empowerment and internalization of the OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD organization, it is one of only two real international record keeping organizations that are capable of recording records globally. With these characteristics and style, those who obtain their recognition in this organization obtain prestige and a world class, unique and very special, that only a few and the best can achieve.

Thus, several difficult records are obtained in the same book, making it very difficult for

them to be surpassed for a long time, and even more so all the records that the book provides in itself and independently of the records it contains within the different categories.

In process soon for sale

Records obtained by this own literary work:

• Being the most translated book in the world 330 Languages in its first edition.

• Being the most translated book of records in the world with 330 Translated

• Being the first record book translated for the first time in many languages of the world, reaching the number of 330

• Have 100% of all the official languages of the countries of the world.

• Enter the Top 10 of the most translated texts of humanity in the position 2nd and be the only one to do so in the first edition (Refer to Wikipedia)