Daily Archives: April 3, 2024

Wojciech Machnik, marathon runner, adventurer and traveler from Katowice, Poland. A man who can’t stand still and is constantly on the lookout for new challenges and inspiration. For him running is predominantly an adventure. It is also a challenge. The result is of secondary nature. His motto reads ‘you should do what you are keen on and what you enjoy’. As a result of his passion for traveling and running, he created a lifestyle project called  249challenge.com . “Basically I do what I love. That makes me feel great.” Wojciech says. His lifetime goal is to run a marathon in every country in the world including all overseas territories according to the ISO 3166 Standard. His World Record quest kicked off with a bang. Thanks to the intense travel and running schedule – between the 9th of December 2018 and the 7h of December 2019 I have completed 66 official…

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