The largest Museum in the world

The largest Museum in the world

New Egyptian Museum is without a doubt the largest archaeological museum in the world.

Its construction has been carried out in a space of 491,000 m 2 and approximately 168,000 of construction.

Located less than two kilometers from the pyramids of Cheops, Kefren and Mecasinos in the city of Giza.

It is a building designed in the form of a beveled triangle and a facade made of alabaster. At the entrance of the museum is a colossal statue of Pharaoh Ramses II, with 83 tons and 11 meters high and more than three thousand years old.

In addition it will also include a convection center for 1,200 people, an institute for the conservation of pieces, eight restaurants and a hotel.

The grand opening is scheduled for January 2020, so there is not much information yet, only the most privileged could visit them before paying a good amount.

This great museum will bring together the largest collection of pieces from Ancient Egypt, with more than 100,000 pieces.

It is intended to show the lifestyle of the monarch (Tutankhamun), its treasures most precious, their lifestyle …

Without a doubt, this museum will once again attract the interest of tourists, who now do not travel to Egypt due to the situation.