The world’s Longest Wetsuit Swim in an endless swimming pool

The world’s Longest Wetsuit Swim in an endless swimming pool

David Tonge began swimming on June 11, 2021 at 9 a.m. (Wales time) in a venue conditioned for the event in Cardiff (Wales).

24 hours later he stopped his forceful swimming cadence, becoming the person who has swum the most hours in a current-pool with a wetsuit.

The test was rigorously adjusted to the verification and homologation conditions that Official World Record, the hegemonic organization of this thriving sport, established.

Gone were hundreds of hours of preparation, another hundreds (if not thousands) of training and overcoming the innumerable obstacles that the Covid pandemic has generated with numerous changes of dates.

Dave Tonge, supported by an invaluable collaborating team, and lovely family has entered the exclusive “Hall of Fame” of this exciting sport modality on his own merits, sharing laurels with Mayra Santos and Alberto Lorente “the man of the wat

It should be noted the perseverance and powerful swimming, giving his face signs of naturalness and far from symptoms of agonizing effort, as his vital signs have shown throughout the test, so we can predict that this is nothing more than a nice start in the race. exciting world of Official World Records.

We also want to highlight, in addition to the invaluable support of his staff, family and sponsors, the invaluable and cordial collaboration of Francisco Martínez

“Fran midem” who with his good work and wise advice has been the “verifying eyes” of OWR.

And to make the event even more commendable and beautiful, say that this record, in which Dave has worn a beautiful wetsuit of his sponsor made for the occasion, has had an altruistic purpose as the fundraising for the fight against cancer

(Velindre Cancer Center).