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“Glory after every fall’ might be the best expression to define my to-date and future achievements. Enthusiasm, excitement, passion, commitment, and most importantly, optimism, are the qualities that keep the above expression alive. Journey of DR. MUHAMMAD UMAR MAHMOOD When I came to my senses, I discovered that I had a disability that would end with my death.The journey of my success started in 2003, when I got high first division in my Matriculation Examination just in 6 months. As since my childhood I want to become a doctor of medicine, and I can’t complete my matriculation examination in science subjects due to non-availability of staff in my private school, but a shattered dream to have the title “Dr.” is still alive. After completion my graduation, again in a short time, just in 4 months, I got Government job on merit and thus the dream to do something extra ordinary…

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World Record For Crossing The English Channel On A Paddleboard!

Mission accomplished for Pierre Delacoux. The Sablais (Vendée) crossed the English Channel on a paddle and exploded the counters by beating the world record. It was only a few days before the start, on May 14, that the young resident of Sables-d’Olonne decided to try to go below the eight-hour mark, the threshold of the previous record. Suffice to say that all expectations were exceeded and the efforts made during a year of preparation were rewarded. “I benefited from exceptional weather conditions,” admits the young athlete. «  A sea of oil, of the sun. We would have thought we were in the Mediterranean! I had never considered such a scenario. In my dreams, it wasn’t going so well. » Contingencies And yet, until the start of the event, there was no indication of such an alignment of the planets. When Pierre and his team pick up the boat in Belgium that…

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