Indrajeet Dable (India), has achieved this spectacular and hypnotizing record ( 392 spins with 2 nunchuks in one minute) in these times of the Covid pandemic and lockdown.

He could achieve this enthusiastic record with dedicated efforts, discipline, focus and integrity.

This marevellous adventure began many years ago,when he was fascinated with martial arts weapon Nunchuks from early young years.

The martial arts legend Bruce Lee inspired him to learn more about them.Films like :

Way of the Dragon,Game of Death or Fist of Fury were his inspiration.

Though Indrajeet Dable has achieved the Official World Record,he is going to continue to learn and practice more to achieve more in this field.

The nunchaku (Japanese: ヌ ン チ ャ ク nunchaku) (Chinese: 雙節 棍 shuāng jié gùn, 兩 節 棍 liǎng jié gùn, or 二 節 棍 èr jié gùn) is one of the traditional weapons of Asian martial arts consisting basically of two short sticks , generally between 30 and 60 cm joined at their ends by a rope or chain. Also called sosetsukon or nisetsukon.

The nunchaku is mainly used in hitting and blocking actions; however, it can be used as a complement to various sweeping, trapping, disarming, dislocation, and strangulation techniques.