Te Highest City in the world

Te Highest City in the world

Rinconada is a city in the Puno region of southeastern Peru It is in the Andes

It is located at an altitude of 5,300 meters, making it the tallest city in the world 60,000 people live in this city.

Of which 18,000 minors

At this very moment, an INSERM team is conducting a scientific study on the conditions of adaptation of the population at high altitudes.

Indeed, at this altitude the oxygen level in the area is much less rich.

Twice as low as at sea level The city’s economy is mainly based on mining.

In fact, 250 gold mines are in the vicinity producing an average of 10 tons of gold per year worth $300 million.

This city, despite generating a lot of money, is not well equipped. Indeed, no sewer, no sanitary facilities, no post, no police.

However, they still have a hospital and access to the internet. Pollution from mining is high and there is no control.

Thus, the living conditions of this city are not the best.

The second tallest city is more populated, it is in Bolivia to El Alto.

It rises to an altitude of 4,150 meters and has a population of almost one million

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