The World’s Slowest Motorcycle Wheelie for the Longest Distance

The World’s Slowest Motorcycle Wheelie for the Longest Distance

Motorcycle Wheelie OWR certifies that Bryan Jackson, (Texas, USA), born on January 6, 1962, has set a new Official World Record for:

Worlds Slowest Motorcycle Wheelie for theLongest Distance

On April 1, 2019, Bryan Jackson, Founder of Vertical Adrenaline Motocross Ministries, did a Motorcycle wheelie for 10.62 miles at an average of 9.9 mph.

It is the longest-slowest motorcycle Wheelie ever recorded and was done on his Doug DomokosTribute USA Made ATK 250cc dirt Bike.

The feat was done non-stop without any feet on the ground and was performed in Eastland Texas (USA), beginning on the north Interstate 20 access road, Exit 340, to crossover bridge towards Cisco Texas to County Road 177, then back east, on the south Interstate 20 access road, to exit 340.

Bryan started performing stunts in 1972 and performed his first public stunt exhibition in 1981 in Cisco Texas.

To date he continues to contend for multiple new world records and incorporates those into his shows across North America using World Class talent to encourage people to come to know Christ.

Bryan is a World VET MX/SX/AX Champion and has published 2 documentaries showcasing his mission to put smiles on faces and hearts-while drawing people nearer to God.

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