The Heaviest Cherry in the World

The Heaviest Cherry in the World

The company SC PARADISUL INFLORIT SRL that was founded in 2003 got on July 4,2020.

“The heaviest cherry in the world”.

This company has as administrator and sole shareholder Mr. Trevisiol Roberto who has carried out independent management activities in Romania since 1992 and who currently holds Romanian citizenship.

The forms of organization adopted by the administrator laid the foundations of the company mentioned above in order to improve the business system and competition in Romania and other countries.

Thus, the Paradisul Inflorit Srl since 2004 carried out agricultural activities.

From the very beginning, the passion for nature combined with the desire to create a reference name in this field led to the organization of an agricultural farm (cherry orchard) which is a rarity in Europe.

They have a fully computerized sprinkler and drip irrigation and fertigation system, anti-hail on the entire surface of 82 ha cherry trees, varieties divided into 23 varieties of cherries patented in Europe.

The cherry harvest season starts from May 20-25 to July 10-15. They offer packaging of 500g, 2kg, 5kg. An artificial lake with an area of about 20,000 square meters was dug in the interior of the Paradisul Inflorit .

Farm, with a special geothermal layer provided to support the water coming from different sources, serving irrigation in the entire fruit farm.

Also, two refrigerated halls were built, serving for the computerized processing of the fruits according to their size and color and for their storage in a thermally controlled atmosphere.

They are equipped with the latest refrigeration systems (Hydrocooling) and control currently available.

The company began to be known by its own brand, the registered trademark in Europe “EVA” – cherry del peccato, and starting with 2020 they have a new brand JOLIE, with partners from well-developed countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and part in Romania for a medium-high market segment.

Every year, the administrator of the Trevisiol Roberto farm strived to obtain the best results of fresh cherry fruits, so that in 2020 they obtained:

“The heaviest cherry in the world” certified by officials from the Official World Record.

The fruit that recorded this record weighs 31 grams and is part of the SWEET range VALINA variety.

Also, most of the harvested fruits had a weight that could easily exceed the last record.

For a broader view of what has been created in this area and to fully admire the result of the work done so far, you can visit them on the farm and online on the website