The Longest Live Painting in Coffee: A Triumph of Creativity and Sustainability

The Longest Live Painting in Coffee: A Triumph of Creativity and Sustainability
The Longest Live Painting in Coffee

On March 1, 2024, the Art4you Gallery in Montalbano, Alkhayat Avenue, Dubai, UAE, hosted an extraordinary event that brought together 41 artists from 14 different nationalities in a record-breaking endeavor. In a mere 1.5 hours, these artists collaborated to create a stunning 70-meter scroll using 75 tables, each adorned with a 1-meter length of watercolor paper. The medium of choice was Attibassi coffee, emphasizing the event’s theme of sustainability and creativity. This monumental feat, titled the “Longest Live Painting in Coffee,” was more than just an artistic challenge; it was a celebration of unity, diversity, and environmental consciousness.

Longest Live Painting

A Gathering of Global Talents
The event was a melting pot of artistic talents from across the globe. Representing Pakistan were Mahum Shoaib, Alia Abdul Karim, Soobika Fawad, and Rahma Fawad. From Iran, participants included Shakiba Rabiei, Aliyeh Mohammad Barazandeh, Mehboobeh Shahnavas, and Lina Abdolhamid. India was represented by Jesno Jackson, Neethu George, Maria Komal Abie, Manjari Vaibhava, Murali Nettissery, Megha Manjarekar, Rengi Cherian, Rithima Ajay Manjarekar, Ruxeena Mustafa, Anila Krishna Kumar, Nisha Varghese, and Jenson Renji. The Bekmurzaeva sisters, Zara and Sofia, hailed from Dagestan, while Smagulova Sabina and Smagulova Ameliya represented Kazakhstan.

From Belarus came Elias Avad and Volha Bunko, and from Russia, Beschetnov Bogdan, Iurii Ivanov, Sofia Kupina, Zulya Kupina, Ariella Livshits, and Vasilisa Eliseeva contributed their skills. Margaux Paradis from France, Costantino Bertuzzi and Sunday Montalbano from Italy, Alice and Kira Zakaryan from Armenia, and Sarri Tolarba Gayat from the Philippines added their unique styles to the mix. Representing the UAE was Khuloud Almhairi, and from the Czech Republic came Alzbeta Znamenska. Abdul Latif Apurbo from Bangladesh rounded out this diverse group of artists.

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A Symphony of Creativity and Coffee
The event, curated by Jesno Jackson and organized by the Art4you Gallery, was meticulously planned to ensure a seamless execution. The choice of coffee as a painting medium was not only innovative but also highlighted the gallery’s commitment to promoting sustainable art practices. Attibassi coffee, known for its rich aroma and deep hues, proved to be an ideal medium for this artistic endeavor.

From 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM, the gallery buzzed with excitement and anticipation. The artists, each bringing their unique style and cultural influences, worked in harmony to transform the 70-meter scroll into a breathtaking piece of art. The event was as much about the process as it was about the final product. The audience witnessed firsthand the dynamic interplay of creativity, technique, and collaboration.

The Art of Sustainability
The use of coffee as an artistic medium was a central theme of the event, underscoring the importance of sustainability in art. Coffee, a natural and biodegradable substance, offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional art materials. This innovative approach not only reduces environmental impact but also opens up new avenues for artistic expression. By using Attibassi coffee, the artists demonstrated that sustainability and creativity can go hand in hand.

The event also served as a platform to raise awareness about the potential of sustainable practices in art. Through their work, the artists communicated a powerful message about the importance of preserving the environment and adopting eco-friendly habits. This initiative was in line with the broader goals of the Art4you Gallery, which has been a staunch advocate for sustainability and environmental consciousness.

A Record-Breaking Achievement
The completion of the 70-meter scroll in just 1.5 hours was a testament to the artists’ skill, coordination, and dedication. Each stroke of coffee-laden brush contributed to a larger narrative, a tapestry of stories interwoven with cultural motifs and personal expressions. The event not only broke records but also set new standards for collaborative art projects.

The success of the Longest Live Painting in Coffee is a reflection of the collective effort and shared vision of the artists and organizers. It showcased the power of art to bring people together, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. The scroll, a symbol of unity and creativity, stands as a lasting testament to what can be achieved when diverse talents converge with a common purpose.

The Impact and Legacy
The impact of this event extends beyond the confines of the gallery. It has inspired artists and art enthusiasts worldwide to explore sustainable practices and think creatively about the materials they use. The Longest Live Painting in Coffee has also strengthened the sense of community among artists, fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect. Furthermore, the event has placed Art4you Gallery at the forefront of the sustainable art movement. By successfully executing this ambitious project, the gallery has demonstrated its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and artistic excellence. This achievement has not only enhanced the gallery’s reputation but also set a precedent for future art events.

The Longest Live Painting in Coffee was a landmark event that celebrated creativity, sustainability, and global unity. Bringing together 41 artists from 14 nationalities, the event showcased the power of collaborative art to transcend boundaries and communicate important messages. The use of Attibassi coffee as an eco-friendly medium highlighted the potential of sustainable practices in art. Through their collective effort, the artists created a masterpiece that will be remembered for its innovation, beauty, and environmental significance. As the art world continues to evolve, events like this pave the way for a future where creativity and sustainability go hand in hand.

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