The world’s lightest satellite. Space Man-Sat

The world’s lightest satellite. Space Man-Sat

OWR certifies that on March, 26th 2019, Thangavel Sanjeevi Raja, from Muhavur, Tamil Nadu, India.

Has established a new Official World Record for: The world’s lightest satellite. Space Man-Sat

Thangavel Sanjeevi Raja, born on March 8, 1985 is a Research Scholar in Aerospace Engineering in the Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science.

Padur, Chennai. India. His research advisor is Dr. R.Santhanakrishnan.

The world’s lightest satellite only weighs 51.6 grams. And also this new and amazing satellite it’s the most economical femto satellite with an estimated cost of 10,128 INR.

Breaking the weight world record made by Space Kidz India Chennai Crew, also from India of the Kalam Sat, with 64 grams.

The dimensions of the Space Man-Sat are 70x30x10 mm; it’s made of glass fiber with Boron Nitride Nanotubes/SiC/Graphene and has an altitude range of 600 km which is going to launch on February 2020 by ISRO. SPACEMAN-SAT is to measure the shielding of radiation in deep space mission.

The satellite qualified in all aspects of test and about to fly.