Longest Distance Traveled in MTB, Per 24 Hours

Longest Distance Traveled in MTB, Per 24 Hours
Credit : Hugo Silva’s photographs

Athlete Tiago Ferreira, nine times National Champion, two times European Champion and once World Champion, already holder of a World Record, carried out on June 19th, another World Record event with the Official World Record, managing to run a staggering 581 .20 km, average of 29 km/h and with an altitude of 5,692 meters, during 24 hours.

Credit : Hugo Silva’s photographs

The adventure began at 07:00 in the morning in Oliveira de Azeméis, cycling along different trails, the vast majority of which were on dirt, experiencing a lot of rain, cold and sun throughout the day and night, always accompanied by a large support team . From a navigator, a medical element, another athlete who accompanied Tiago on some part of the trails, the Red Bull team and even his coach.

Credit : Hugo Silva’s photographs

They were super important in the support and supplies that he received throughout this feat that he just achieved by arriving in time to see the sunrise at Cabo de São Vicente, in Sagres. With this Record, Tiago Ferreira managed to cycle Portugal from North to South, which is 561 km long in a straight line (Portuguese territory occupies an area of 88,889 km2, 218 km wide, 561 km long, 832 km long Atlantic coast and 1,215 km of land border with Spain), that is, he cycled 20 km more than initially planned.

Record published on the news:

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