The highest temperature for a plogging

The highest temperature for a plogging

Philippe Richet (France) is the person who has done a “plogging” ultra-endurance event reaching the highest temperature “(42°).

Philippe is also the holder of an Official World Record as the person who has got the longer distance on a “plogging”.

This practice consists of adding garbage collection, mostly plastics, to the practice of running.This activity originated in Sweden in 2016 and has not stopped growing since then.

Philippe Richet has contributed significantly to the popularity of this modality in his native France by introducing the competition and role models for future generations increasingly involved in environmental issues.

This event that finally obtained 2 Official World Record took place on June 18, 2022 in a wave of stifling heat which reached all of France but especially the Landes region, (in the southwestern part of the country).

The initial objective of the event was to cover the greatest di possible stay and although he was aware of the temperatures, they were only forecasts, his team and the judges who intervened in the supervision of the event Pascal Graff, Laurent Boudeau, Céline Herrero and Sylvain Carrer knew that this record could be achieved with the problems of health and integrity of Philippe himself and the staff.

The event accumulated just over 81 kilometers in 11 hours 26 minutes and 26 seconds. At that time, with the distance record obtained and a temperature peak of 42 ° reached the population of Lesperon, they agreed by mutual agreement for the greater good of the safety of all the members of the event to abandon au continuation. The preparation both Physical and psychological of Philippe invite us to think that he will soon accept a new record challenge for which he is sure to be properly prepared. This modality led by Philippe Richet at the world level will surely help spread this sport-environmentalist modality. Philippe Richet collaborated in this record event with the Hope Team East and Nettoyons la Nature associations.

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