Longest handball event

Longest handball event

On July 22-23, 2022, the longest handball match in history took place. There were 30 intense hours of uninterrupted play with entertainment, competitiveness and lots of fun, but the months of preparations coordinating strategies and logistics were not less intense. The success of this event has been thanked to the dedication and tenacity of this competent team of handball lovers led by Mr. Tibor Turai.

The event took place in the city of Tatabánya (Hungary), and the Árpád Gimnázium was the venue where the match was held and the hundreds of fans who ended up passing by during the 30 hours. Although it is not the most important thing, some figures will make us more aware of the logistics of an event of its magnitude.

40 teams ended up participating with a total of 535 players, these teams were integrated into 2 teams that scored a total of 1,729 goals (878-851). The age range of the participants was 6 years of the youngest and 61 of the oldest. 62 volunteers and 17 referees were necessary for the event.

The germ of this life event arose when, in the hard days of the COVID pandemic, a group of parents that ended up being led by Mr. Tibor Turai and founded a summer camp of handball that they called TuTi.

There, escaping one of the hard moments of the Covid forward, they began to value the organization of a notorious event that would stand out from the rest and finally the enthusiasm led them to conceive this Official World Record.

The passion of the people of this community and its representatives (Tatabánya) has not yet reached the ceiling and we are sure that they will continue to pleasantly surprise us in the not-too-distant future. Mr. Turai would like to especially thank, in addition to all the participants and representatives of his community, G&M Pályázatíró Kft., MetLife Health Insurance Company, Tatabánya Municipality, Hungarian Handball Association, Tatabánya Sports Club, Turul’s Miners SE and Kék-Tigrisek SE.

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